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Disputes can have many unwanted consequences, from loss of enthusiasm to downturns in productivity and creativity.  Unheeded, they can destroy relationships at a personal, business and even global level.
The examples are countless. And it doesn't take long for the costs to add up.
I offer a range of opportunities to work with conflict constructively - helping you create opportunities, turn business around, recover lost relationships and gain emotional, mental and, of course, financial well-being.
I do this through:
  • One-to-one sessions that can help bring insights and opportunities for you to take back into your work or life challenges.
  • Discreet, empathic and professional mediation for people who are disatisfied with their working relationships.
  • Group facilitation: to improve meetings, or to work constructively with diverse interest groups.
  • Trainings at all levels - from groups to individuals - that can be tailored to meet your needs.
Conflict can be a challenge
Conflict can be a catalyst
Conflict can be catastrophic
And conflict can be the spark that ignites a creative collaboration.
How would you like it to go?

It was refreshing to have someone lead a course who so clearly had both an amazing depth of interest in his subject and a fabulous skill level in mediation.  A role model in action!

- Wendy Czogalik, Learning and Development Manager
University of Brighton, 2010

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